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The Major Developments in Food Technology.

The number of times people eat a day usually vary. Also, people will include various type of food in their diets. However, it food science and technology that has made that possible. It would be wrong to think that there is no need to devote science to food. Today, the biggest manufacturing industry in the United States is the food industry. Actually, we would be lacking so many things, if devoted food scientists did not relentlessly work to enhance our food experience.

Here are some of the major breakthroughs that have been achieved in food technology.

1. Development of baby carrots.

Probably, you just run to a store and pick up baby carrots. It is also likely that it is the only kind your kids eat. Usually, carrots grow differently and are usually long, ugly roots covered in a dirty skin. Basically, carrots were invented in 1980s. Before that, grocery stores only had the ugly, misshapen carrots. Because of this, customers would only pick the ones that looked pretty. Therefore, grocery store as well as farmers threw away many carrots leading to losses. A farmer known as Mike Yurosek later came up with the baby carrots. Today, however, carrots look more desirable.

2. A machine that removes salt from salt water.

Normally, people are aware that salt water is not healthy for drinking. Actually, it is also dangerous since salt would cause dehydration. Usually, 97% of all world water is salt water and 2% is frozen in glaciers. Today, however, researchers are trying a machine that purifies salt water. This machine by MIT researchers is cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. This machine make the water healthy and drinkable.

3. Invention of an anti-shake spoon.

You can now find anti-shake spoons. These spoons lowers shaking by 85% by using the 360-degree stabilization. When eating, people suffering from hand tremors may find it difficult. Actually, the design of this spoon also catered for such people. The anti-shake spoon is manufactured using safe materials and medical grade silicone. When not being used, the spoon will shut off automatically.

4. Invention of green rice.

Well, the rice is not green in color. This rice is usually genetically modified. As a result, it offers more stability in areas where floods wipe out crop supplies. However, the seeds are usually genetically modified such that they withstand flooding. This green rice technology may be compared to the green revolution. Actually, crop doubled during green revolution. The green rice technology could help solve the hunger problem in the world.

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