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Great Tips To Help You Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

Did you know that your heater consume around 70 percent of the energy in your home? Most homeowners are not aware that it is easy to spend much on energy bills when it comes to heating their premises. Minimizing the use of a heater and applying some of the heating alternatives will help to keep you warm at a reduced price this winter. Note that turning your thermostat down by one degree can cut down the energy bill up to ten percent. You need to reduce the degrees as this will help you to save cash and keep your home warm at the same time during winter. You need to learn various tricks which will help to keep your room warm while saving energy at the same time.

Ensure that all your window curtains are left open as this will allow the sunlight to penetrate your place in the best way possible. It is advisable to keep your window curtains open to allow light to pass through and lock them in the evening. When the night falls, the natural heat will escape through the windows. Therefore, it is essential to use curtains as they have insulation properties which prevent the warmth from escaping thus keeping you and your family warm during the night. Look for thermal windows as they help to insulate the house in the best way possible.

Do not close the door of your oven after finishing cooking. Leaving an oven door open at summer is not right during summer but highly recommended during the cold season of the year. After cooking, the heat from the oven will heat the atmospheric air thus increasing the temperatures in your room. Also, when you cook something delicious, the aroma will also travel through your home thus keeping it comfortable.

Make sure that you have modified the ceiling fan as one of the ways of maintaining the high temperatures in your premises. It seem like a stupid move, but it offers desirable outcomes. The ceiling fan turns in an anti-clockwise direction during summer. The ceiling fan rotation during summer will form wind effect which reduces the temperatures to the desired levels. Ensure that you have reversed the rotation of the fan as it helps to maintain the temperatures in our homes. It is evident that warm air rises but clockwise rotation of the fan will ensure that this does not happen at all. There exist other tricks which will help you maintain the warm temperatures in your house at reduced rates. Discover more by login to multiple sites which provide details about ways to heat your room.

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